Powered Access Supplier Scorecard

Is your current supplier giving you their all?

Could you be missing an opportunity to maximise operational efficiencies on a daily basis?

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Straightforward Tool With Quick Results

Easily Benchmark Your MEWP Supplier’s Service.

The difference between receiving a great powered access hire service and an average service, is that one supports your growth and objectives and the other results in your business standing still

  • Is your current supplier offering all they can to consistently support your team to hit project goals and exceed customer expectations?
  • Are you missing out on getting stress free hire, advice, support and training? 

Download our powered access supplier scorecard and see if your current supplier is giving you their all. 

In a few minutes you can easily identify if the powered access hire service you're getting offers everything you should expect in areas such as machine quality, fleet size, delivery options, speed of breakdown support and training.

It is proven that when powered access goes wrong, you will lose money and time, which will impact your ability to hit your targets and stabilise costs.

With this information you can then assess if your supplier is short changing you or not.

You and your customers.

If you find you're current supplier isn't giving their all you can get them to up their game, if they can and willing to do so. Or you can look for a great service. Which will lead to a smooth and stress free service that supports your targets and timelines for the benefit of your team and customers. If you're getting a great service, happy days!  

But, you need to know first! Download our scorecard to find out.

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Operations Director

Machine delays and breakdowns was costing us about £7,000 - £14,000 per week before using Horizon Platforms. With Horizons the number of problems have dropped. We don't have to rebook work or have difficult conversations with customers. 

Mechanical and Electrical Director

We do urgent and reactive work, so we always need same-day and next-day deliveries. I can rely on Horizon's team. They are very responsive and work hard for us. During the many years of working with them we’ve had few issues. And even on those few occasions, Horizon dealt with the problems quickly.

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