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How To Avoid The Hidden Cost of Poor Powered Access Supply

When businesses regularly experience poor powered access supply, they lose out in terms of both financial and non-financial impacts. 

Some costs are obvious, sometimes running into the £000s per month, but others are not and could be hitting your bottom line or preventing you from winning repeat business.

Below Horizon Platforms details the negative impacts linked to unreliable access platform hire. But more importantly, learn how to stop these problems from happening.

Brokendown scissor lift


Increased Costs

Safety Risks

Lost Productivity

Reputation Damage 

Ready to Reduce Platform Supply Issues That Cost Your Business?

One of our clients - responsible for fitting out, maintaining, and relocating stores and properties UK-wide - was regularly experiencing platform supply issues with a previous supplier, which was costing their business £000s each month.

Download this case study that outlines how with the right approach to platform hire they managed to:

  • reduce their powered access issues by 96% and...
  • save £000s each month in costs 

Download Case Study Here

Don't Put Up With Poor Powered Access Supply. It Will Cost You!

If any of the problems noted above sound familiar and you aren't getting the service you deserve, it's time to stop being let down. When working with Horizon Platforms rest assured you won't experience the same problems!

At Horizon Platforms we have an unwavering commitment to our customers to delivery every time. We're close. 98% of our UK-wide platform hires are trouble-free

From our super-depot in West Yorkshire and via our Altogether Better partner network, we can access a fleet of 16,000 machines, reaching every corner of the UK. It allows us to guarantee high service standards and platform-quality. And no, this isn’t just ‘cross-hire’. Each of our partners are regularly benchmarked to ensure they match our exacting standards. We’re Altogether Better! 

Need to get started with dependable powered access? Just call us on 0370 218 4521!