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Ready For Flexible Powered Access Hire With Visibility 24/7? 

Supercharge your powered access hire experience with full control and visibility of all aspects of hiring with HireHub, Horizon Platforms' online customer portal. Gain access to a free tool that will help you get quotes in minutes, hire and off-hire in a few clicks, and quickly track what's on order, when and where. 

Watch our video to see why HireHub is simple yet powerful!

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Why Will HireHub Help Make Your Job Easier?

  • Track multiple hires across multiple sites while having full visibility of length of hire and spend
  • Hire, extend hires, get quotes and off-hire day or night.

  • Make your finance team's life easier finding invoices as they are all there on HireHub
  • Avoid overspend or collection issues with easy off-hire
Hire Stats dashboard

HireHub Is A Powerful Thing!

Not only can you get quotes, hire, off-hire and extend contracts, you can track whether Horizon Platforms is performing for you at the right level by tracking:

  • On-Time Deliveries
  • On-Time Collections
  • Trouble-Free Hire Days
  • Total Hire Days
  • Monthly Spend

You Are Never Alone With HireHub!

HireHub is here to help you manage your hires. You will still have access to our customer service team and your account manager, unless you have selected our Digital Only hiring option. Once you sign-up to HireHub, Horizon's Customer Onboarding Manager, Dave Williams will be by your side and is your go-to on all things HireHub. To book a demo with Dave at a time that suits you, either call 0370 218 4521 or click the demo button below to book some time in his diary. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once I sign-up do I lose the use of my account manager or the customer experience team? No. Your account manager and the customer experience team will still be on hand to help you as will our customer onboarding manager. It's just with HireHub you have full online visibility of hires and spend whenever you need. 

Why should I use HireHub when I can call or email? You can still call and email us. But what HireHub allows you to do is monitor multiple hires across multiple sites as well hire, extend hires or off-hire. Each company uses HireHub in a way that suits them.

Need to know when your next off-hire is needed, it's all there. Need to know how many machines you have on hire at any one time? It's all there. Is your finance team chasing you for invoices? Just visit HireHub, it's all there! Need to extend a hire. You guessed it, just visit HireHub!

I would like more information and a demonstration of HireHub, who do I contact? You can contact your account manager or our customer experience team. But we do have a HireHub expert, our Customer Onboarding Manager, Dave Williams. The best thing to do is book some time with Dave so he can show you how to get the best from HireHub for your company's specific needs. 

I think HireHub is great idea but my boss isn't convinced, what do I do? Not a problem, we can help. Demonstrations of HireHub only take 15-30 minutes. We are happy to show your boss what works best for your organisation either via in-person or online demonstrations. 

I see the benefit of HireHub for monitoring hires and spend but don't want to place orders on HireHub. What do I do? Remember you can use HireHub how you want. You don't have to place orders on HireHub, you can still call or email. Details of hires will be visible no matter how you place orders. Also, you can use HireHub exclusively if you prefer. It's your choice. 

Who can use HireHub? This is entirely up to you depending on who at your company looks after hiring access platforms and who needs to have visibility of hires and spend. When can even set user permissions depending on job roles. 

How many of my team can sign-up to HireHub? Same again this is entirely up to you. There are no restrictions on the number of users.

If you have any questions, feel free to complete the form or call 0370 218 4521 where our team will be more than happy to guide you on the best use of HireHub for your company.